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Immersed in Education

This article originally appeared in UC Davis Magazine. Original Article

Quarter at Aggie Square “is changing the way students experience their education,” according to Angela Taylor ’96.

Taylor, program coordinator for QAS, added, “Undergraduates participating in QAS have the ability to get in front of faculty in an intimate way. They know your name, get to know you and your interests on a micro level.”

Transformative Justice Studies Takes Off in Oak Park

After launching remotely during the pandemic, Quarter at Aggie Square’s immersive learning experiences are meeting in Sacramento this fall. Transformative Justice Studies in Sacramento and Biomedical Engineering at the Health Campus are taking full advantage of the opportunity to meet in person. "The programs were immersive from the first day,” said program coordinator Angela Taylor.

Advancing Healthcare Equity Speaker Series

Speaker Series Recordings Reproductive Injustices: Forced Cesarean Sections in 1980s America

Rebecca Kluchin, Professor of History at CSU-Sacramento

Doctrine at the Gate

Lisa Ikemoto, Martin Luther King, Jr Professor of Law, UC Davis

What Makes an Anti-Racist Feminist Bioethics?

Camisha Russell, PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at University of Oregon

How Art Keeps Us Motivated

Finding a Voice and Relationships in Art Activism doesn’t have to have only one lens. There are different outlets you can have to do productive work and fight for liberation.

By Kyerah Kyles '22

Unseen Heroes

By Kyerah Kyles '22

With Aggie Square making its home in Oak Park, an important part of Transformative Justice Studies is learning the neighborhood’s history and understanding the conditions shaping its future.

Giving Back to the Community: Oak Park Internship

By Kyerah Kyles '22

As students, we have all been affected by the history of our communities, our race, the language directed towards us, and our perceptions of justice or the lack thereof. Through our Transformative Justice Studies internship, we have a chance to bring those experiences to benefit the students at Oak Ridge Elementary in Sacramento.