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Getting to and around Sacramento Medical Campus
Causeway Connection Shuttle from Davis  *Recommended
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  •  Photo submission form - We encourage everyone to send photos of your experiences, internships and activities. 

Campus Resources

Academic Resources 
Student Community Center
Student Success Centers
Finances, Housing and Employment
Student Life
Health Resources
  • Success Coaching
    For goal setting, sharpening focus, assistance in following your schedule, help in finding balance, etc. Sign-up to meet a coach on this webpage! 
  • Self-Help Resources
    This is a page from the Student Health Center that has many useful practices and tips for self-care (mindfulness, meditation, procrastination, sleep, and more!).
  • Activities and Recreation Center
    For individual and group wellness, as well as intramurals; fitness activities are great for stress reduction! 
  • Counseling Services
    The campus webpage, useful for appointment scheduling.

Students FAQ

  • How do I apply? 
  • Each experience has a separate application process. You can express general interest in experiences by filling out our interest form. More specific information will be given when each experience is actively recruiting. Email any general questions to qas@ucdavis.edu

  • Where will classes be held? 
  • As of Fall 2021, classes are taking place on the UC Davis health campus, and internships are in-person. 

  • Will I live in Sacramento?
  • In 2021-22, students will commute from their UC Davis homes. In the future, we plan to incorporate housing into the Quarter at Aggie Square program.
  • How will I get to Sacramento?
  • Students can ride the new Causeway Connection buses at no charge! These electric buses will make 52 trips daily between the two campuses and offer wifi and power to recharge your hand-held devices.
  • Can I take classes in Davis while I’m participating at Aggie Square?
  • No. Each experience is a fully integrated curriculum with a full unit load including an internship or research commitment as well as community engagement opportunities. You'll be part of a cohort focused on making the most of your experience in Sacramento.
  • Will participating in Quarter at Aggie Square impact my graduation timeline?
  • Each Quarter at Aggie Square experience offers enough units to maintain minimum progress toward graduation. However, you should check with your academic advisor to ensure that the coursework aligns with progress in your major or minor. 
  • What are the advantages of Quarter at Aggie Square? 
  • Quarter at Aggie Square offers the chance to take all of your classes with a small, highly engaged group of students and faculty. These cross-disciplinary experiences let you approach complex problems from multiple angles. And you’ll have access to resources that aren't found on the UC Davis campus.