professors Torry and Maisha Winn lead a Transformative Justice circle-up


Quarter at Aggie Square Experiences are themed curricula that bring together classes, internships, and community engagement. For each experience, students will study at our Sacramento campus with a small cohort of about 25 students and dedicated faculty. Students are invited to find a theme that matches their academic interests and counts toward their major or minor. Faculty are invited to imagine and propose future experiences.


Each experience has a separate application process. Each experience's application links and deadlines can be found on their respective pages. If you want to receive updates about the different experiences, you can express general interest by filling out our interest form. You will receive more detailed info when each experience is actively recruiting. Email any general questions to

Coursework, Internships, and Community Engagement

Each experience consists of several courses, an internship or research, and community engagement. Between the three components, students typically earn 12 - 18 units towards graduation. These courses may also count towards graduation requirements or general education (GE) requirements. You should check with your academic advisor to ensure that the coursework aligns with progress in your major or minor. 

As you approach the academic quarter of the QAS experience you are interested in, you should still register for courses as normal. Students can expect an application update prior to Pass 1 registration times, but application statuses may not yet be finalized.

Getting to Aggie Square

As of Fall 2021, all QAS experiences will take place in person on the UC Davis Sacramento campus. Students will commute from their homes in Davis. In the future, we plan to incorporate housing into the Quarter at Aggie Square program. To get to the campus, students can ride the new Causeway Connection buses at no charge! These electric buses will make 52 trips daily between the two campuses and offer wifi and power to recharge your hand-held devices.