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Propose a QAS Experience

Undergraduate Education invites applications from faculty to lead a Quarter at Aggie Square Experience during the ‘22-23, ‘23-24 academic year or summer session. Quarters at Aggie Square take place at the UC Davis urban campus in Sacramento.

The program seeks to enable students to explore an issue or topic that is relevant to the Health Campus or surrounding Sacramento region, to do so from the perspectives of at least two departments, and to do so in a way that combines for-credit courses with research or internship opportunities.

The aim of the Quarter program is to provide a learning experience to our undergraduate students that combines classroom and beyond-classroom learning on a topic of current concern.

Timeline: Applications open at the 2nd week of each quarter and close the final day of instruction of each quarter.




Summer 2022

July 18

September 16

Fall 2022

October 7

December 12

Winter 2023

January 20

March 13

Spring 2023

April 14

June 19

Summer 2023

July 19

September 15

Guidelines: Faculty interested in proposing a Quarter topic should keep in mind the following and consult the detailed requirements in the attached document here.

  • QAS programs should:
    • offer roughly 15 units of credits
    • consist of 3 or 4 courses that are currently approved by the Academic Senate and exist as part of a major or minor
    • enable students to undertake a significant internship or research experience for which they receive an appropriate number of units
    • cohort would be offered once per year for three years
    • provide at least one setting where students, for academic credit, consider how in-class learning and out-of-class learning are informing their perspective on the program topic
  • QAS faculty should:
    • plan to teach in the QAS program exclusively during the Quarter it takes place on the Sacramento campus
    • plan on students in their Quarter program taking courses exclusively at the Sacramento campus
    • come from at least two and preferably at least three departments
    • plan on Quarter concepts that appeal broadly to students from more than one major

To Express Interest: We invite faculty who would like to explore proposing a Quarter Theme to meet for an individual consultation with our team in Undergraduate Education and CEE. Please contact for more information or to set up an initial conversation.

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